Huge Old Movies font pack

I decided to start a kickstarter campaign to make a free & opens source font pack including at least 50 fonts. If the fundraising succeeds, it will be a 20 months project as a full time job. I must release an average of 2 to 3 complete fonts per month, so it's quite a big challenge!

Why making old movies fonts?

Hand painted movies posters are just awesome and pretty, a lots of typefaces coming from these posters had never been digitized. It could have been any other source to work with, but I choose this way...

What will be done?

I will release 50 fonts as OpenType (.Otf), TrueType (.Ttf), and Webfont (.Woff) formats and there sources as Scalable Vector Graphics format (.SVG) for the drawings and as FontForge file format (.Sfd) for the font source code.

They will be published at least on Open Font Library. The fonts shown on the posters are all incomplete, there are only the letters composing the title so there will be a drawing research for each font to draw every glyphs to make it complete (at least 200 glyphs).

Then, I will scan the drawings to vectorize all the glyph (hand made vectorization with the pen tool, not a dynamic vectorization). Each glyph is imported in FontForge to be setup (kerning, etc.).

Finally the fonts will be generated and will be released for free.

What if there is more funds than the goal?

It will allow me to make more than 50 fonts. In my case, I evaluate that each font costs about €300-350 to make. So if there's some extra funds I will release one more font each extra €300-350.

How the funds will be used?

Making a huge font pack including at least 50 fonts is a really time-consuming task. As I said before, I will need about 20 months as a full-time job to finish it. That's why I need some help to work only on this project and not to take another day job aside. A part of the funds will be used to buy inks, toner cartridges and enough layout paper to work for months.  I also would like to buy an affordable pen display tablet to work faster.

The deadline of the project fundraising is January 25th, 2016.

If you want to help this project and see what are the rewards, please go to the

Huge Old Movies Font pack Campaign

Work in Progress

Alpha versions in Downloads section

The Gourmande Grotesk Project

Everybody knows Arial font, but less knows Akzidenz Grostesk which is the forerunner of Arial. The aim of this project is to make a 2015 version of the Grostesk typeface family.

The Gourmande Grotesk Project 

My work is based on original Akzidenz Grotesk sketches and specimens. I redesign each gyph to modernize it. There will be light, light italic, regular, regular italic, bold,

The Gourmande Grotesk Project

bold italic, black, black italic, heavy and heavy italic version. Of course all will be released as free & open source in OTF, TTF and WOFF format.

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